August 2018

August 2018

Dear All,

Another shearing over with the adult sheep.  Not the best clip harvested  but under the circumstances we are not complaining. More tender wool than normal but we expected this. Most breaks were from when we had started feeding but in some flocks there was a mixture going back to about February. Still have 1900 hoggets to go early September if we can keep them alive . The ewes have been running on oats (which is fast running out) but the wethers have been hand fed and have found it tough going.
Two or three  haven’t found the will to live in the last few days of cold weather but that is par for the course.

We had a good crew for shearing. 4 fast shearers with Andrew classing. Six extras plus daughter Toni and husband Chris plus Leo & myself . Chris was a great help to Scott and Brad  feeding and mustering outside and Toni became the “Belly” queen. Leo says he has been reduced to the skin pieces.

Unfortunately the shed went down with a virus the last few days and most of us have been quite sick ever since. Leo in hospital for three days !! I am sure that 150mls rain over a week would make US feel better but the stock will suffer at this time of the year.  We were lucky to get another load of faba beans in last week.

The wool market remains strong and we can only hope it keeps up for some time.
It will cost everyone a fortune to have stock on the ground for a wool clip next year.
Heard on the ABC today a comment about the “price of wool yarn and Granny can’t afford to keep knitting” Some people have no idea.

What ever your circumstances please keep your chin up and talk about your worries. We will all come out the other side of this much stronger.

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