December 2018

//December 2018

December 2018

Dear Friends and Clients,

What a year it has been.  I don’t think anyone on the land has missed out on this dreadful drought.  We are well aware that some people are still in the midst of it.  At Westvale we have a “green drought” with only two weeks away from the real thing. If only the wind would stop blowing. We have been blessed compared to many. We stopped feeding sheep almost two months ago but are still feeding the breeding cows with nuts twice a week. We lambed in the worst part of September/October so our lambing percentages left a lot to be desired. We had kept a lot of wethers as the wool market was so good. This paid off wool wise but it has been hard to get the stock back up to reasonable weights to sell. We have sold 1300 for reasonable money so that has relieved the grass situation some what. We were thrilled with our wool clip. A little more tender than usual but we expected this. A good percentage of our wool was purchased under contract by New England Wool in September. The balance sold well at auction.Thought we would be smart and kept our hoggets wool for a later sale. Will be interesting to see what happens to the market in the New Year!!

We seem to be always busy. Perhaps its our age and we aren’t getting as much  done each day as we used to. Even with the lack of rain I seem to get behind with the garden. The men seem to be always chasing their tails. Brad was married two weeks ago so he is still off on his honeymoon. Scott has been very busy drenching this week. We can help with mustering etc but neither of us can get into the race with the sheep anymore. We have just planted of crop of millet hopefully for silage and another to go in for lamb weaning. JUST WANT SOME RAIN ! Today we have two men here taking out some pine trees and Toni and Chris are in the process of having a relocation house put onto a small block they purchased next to us so its all systems go.

The men folk are happy with our Ram team this year. The shedded ones are looking especially good and the paddock 2th’s are filling out and growing to their potential.

Leo & myself had 5days in Hobart a month ago to attend the Reda conference and dinner then 10 days later we flew to New Zealand for a week to inspect some progeny of our rams over there. We caught up with many friends so there was a lot of talking (mostly about sheep)  and a few red wines along the way.  We left Queenstown on 19th November in the biggest snow storm was have experienced for many years. The break did us the world of good as we didn’t get to have a holiday this year due to many reasons.

All the family are well. One G daughter is traveling in Argentina at present and then moving onto America for one  months work experience. She has just graduated with 1st class honors in Town Planning.Another G daughter traveling to Argentina to meet her boyfriends G Mother, Andrew Mel & family off to Japan for Christmas while the rest of the family are looking forward to a quiet time over the holiday period. Cindy’s eldest Brad was to be married in October but his fiancee (24) was diagnosed with lung cancer. Part of her lung has been removed and she is on the road to recovery so we will see what 2019 brings.

Our very best wishes for a Happy Healthy and Holy Christmas. May 2019 bring less stress and more reasonable weather conditions. We look forward to catching up in the New Year.

Regards Leo Judy and team

For those clients interested our catologue will be on the web page early in the New Year

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