Since our last newsletter in December 2021 so much has changed in all our worlds. Some things for the better and some to really test our resolves.

A big change in the Government with a lot of uncertainty. Yes we know some of our ministers but there are many we do not know and our worry is just where they will lead us.

Close to home our work person of 24yrs (Scott Matthews) left our employment in March for new horizons. It will be difficult to replace the knowledge of 24yrs but we know there will be someone out there with  a passion for superfine wool and sheep.

What hasn’t changed are the wet seasons.  Autumn has been a wonderful growing season on the New England but as we write winter has come with a vengeance. We can be so thankful for good warm homes and provide good nourishment for our families.

We hosted the wedding of a granddaughter in January. It was a beautiful day and all went well after the power came back on during the ceremony after an outage from the night before. The Field Days in January were the day before the wedding so a busy start to the year. Ram sale were moderate. So many people have turned to fat lambs, not only for the price, but the lack of work involved compared to the Merino.

We had a great team of Show rams this year. ( see the write up in Showing Results)  We were fortunate to have Angus Carter from Nutrien step in to do up the Show team ready for showing. He came with us to Sydney and we were thrilled to get the Grand Champion Ultrafine Ram of  Show. We also came home with the Junior Reserve Champion Ram Ribbon.

Because the season turned out the way it did we went back to the old habit of sowing our Oats in January and Pasture in February. So glad we did as the growing season has been great and we have the best pastures we have had for years. Since then we have not been able to get the tractors out of the shed for fear of bogging. Like most properties it has been a year of worms in the sheep but we have been able to keep on top of it. Brad Thorpe is still working with us and with family members coming and going we have coped so far. Wool prices are looking great for the coming year so we can look forward to a good income. Hopefully the shearers will co-operate!!

We hope this note finds you well and managing your own business to the best of your ability. We look forward to some rest during the winter and hopefully a great lambing to start spring.

Our regards to you all. Keep well.

Leo & Judy