Our new website

//Our new website

Our new website

Dear Clients and Friends,


We do hope you are looking at out new Web page. It has been a few months in the making with quite a few hiccups along the way. My brother David ( who passed away last year) had been looking after the page but upon his sudden death we were left in orbit for some time as we could not get into the correct program. Don Francis is now in charge of this page and has worked very hard to get it up and running.  Many thanks Don and team.

Since we wrote last November, we have all experienced very hot, dry weather. We believe we have been more fortunate than many in that at no time have we been totally dry. Worried yes, anxious yes, but then some rain would fall and relieve the situation. Like everyone we would love to see  50ml NOW but we know that we will also get the cold weather to follow.

We have only sold off the older sheep and have not weaned our calves yet.  Foolhardy or wise? Who  knows? Time will tell.

In January we were part of the New England Merino Field days. I don’t think the crowds were as big as we have seen but everywhere was so dry lots of people were not game to leave their properties. Never the less we had a good crowd through and were pleased to see some new faces. We were happy with our stock and the shed came up looking the part as usual. Ram sales in February were satisfactory. We put up a few more rams than last year. Our regular clients stood by us. Even though the wool market is at its highest level ever the merino ewe numbers are not available as yet. One can only hope that the market stays at a viable level for some time.

We attended the Sydney Royal and although we did not get the big prizes we were happy to get a 3rd placing in the STONEHAVEN CUP and 3nd in the PAIRS.

Reserve Champion in  Superfine March shorn EWE.

We did our customary AI program just after the Royal and have introduced two new Sires.

A Superfine from Glenara in Victoria and an Ultrafine from Conrayn in NSW.

These rams will improve size and woolcut. The fleece from the Conrayn Ram went on to achieve Champion Ultrafine fleece at the Royal.

At present we are feeding some cows and the hoggets. We have two good paddocks of oats we will soon be able to ration onto and after a wopper of a hail storm last week a new roof on the woolshed.!!

As winter progresses we will be thinking of you all and hoping for a good change in weather conditions, improving cattle markets and a wonderful wool clip.

Regards from All at Westvale

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