Newsletter – April 2020

//Newsletter – April 2020

Newsletter – April 2020

April 2020

Dear Friends,

How are you all coping with our world turned upside down?

It has certainly been a great challenge for everyone. Perhaps not as much for those of us on the land as life seems to go on as usual. Always plenty to do and after the long drought many jobs to catch up on. We stopped feeding about the end of February. We had rain during that month and the country was starting to look green. I believe not one of us could have expected the growth in our pastures over the next couple of months. Nature is certainly wonderful. We are mindful of the fact that we are not fully stocked and would love those 150 cows we sold this time last year back in our paddocks. Leo has spent the last couple of weeks slashing grass so that the sheep can get to the corners of the paddocks and find the dams. Joining time now so we also want the rams to find the ewes!!

Scott and Brad have spent the last three days cutting down dead trees along our driveway.It is so distressing to see what has died through lack of water and I find that some specimens in the garden are confused with the weather. So much flowering that should wait until spring.

We were very disappointed that we had to miss the Royal Easter Show as we love to catch up with friends and observe new breeding in the sheep. This year we were especially disappointed as we had a team we were very proud of. We were only able to show at two shows before the virus took over and Westvale took out “Supreme” exhibit at both Tenterfield and Walcha Shows with our Ultrafine Ram-“Westvale Louisville” measuring 16.0mc SD 2.4 CV 14.9, Cut 11kg.

It was a very sad day when we had to shear our team but with a lot of work from Scott training the rams we were able to use two of our Show team in our AI program and another three in paddock joinings so we are a year ahead with our new genetics.  ”Louisville” and his half brother “Ranger” will be  used as backups in paddock joinings and will be collected for semen in the very near future.

Like most we are looking for rain before the cold weather sets in. Our winter crops are looking great and we are starting to feed some of them off.  A long way to go yet before spring.  No holidays this year so should be able to get lots of jobs done. Please all look after yourselves and remember the telephone is a very good life line if you are starting to feel “fenced in”

Our best wishes,

Leo Judy Scott & Brad

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