26th Annual Ram Sale 12 Feb 2020


Westvale has been a registered Merino Stud for 75 years. It was started on Mirani Blood graduating to Merryville then onto Merryville daughter studs . Some Sierra Park was added some years ago to fine down the crimp. After so much time we call ourselves Westvale blood.

In recent years the need for larger, heavier cutting sheep,  has encouraged us to introduce some outside genetics by way of Artificial Breeding. This has resulted in larger framed sheep while retaining the wool, style and type we desire and the Italians are looking to  buy.


To produce large bodied sheep with fleece MICRON of 16.5 to 17.0 with yields in the high 70’s. We place great importance on coverage ie bellies and points.


Stylish (highly crimped well nourished) bright soft handling wool suitable to Italian Spinners and Weavers is our aim. In past years our wool has been keenly sought after by New England Wool representing Italian clients.


  • Ultrafine Champion Fleece Australian Wool Sheep Show 2021
  • Ultrafine Fleece. Aust Wool & Sheep Show. Bendigo, VIC 2019
  • Australian Sheep and Wool Show Bendigo
  • Res G, Champ Fleece 2007
  • Grand Champion 2004

Many broad ribbons at Northern Shows over the years.


Our shearing is contracted. Great interest and detail is taken by the girls on the table while our own staff and family are part of the overall final result. Classing is carried out by Andrew while Leo overseas the whole operation.

2016/17 saw a complete turn around in the returns for wool. As well, our marketing strategies changed, in that we have entered into contracts, which we would not have even considered 10yrs ago.

At Westvale we will continue to capitalize on the present market by maintaining our micron and style and endeavouring (at the same time) increasing the cut per head. In the last couple of years we have had the privilege of Andrew Blanch classing our clip. A large proportion has gone into contracts with Reda S.P.A


Below are some of our awards and achievements of recent years.

'Westvale Louisville' - Supreme Exhibit at both Tenterfield and Walcha Shows. Ultrafine Ram meas 16.0mc SD 2.4. CV 14.9 Fleece Cut 11kg.
“Westvale Louisville”
Supreme Exhibit at both Tenterfield and Walcha Shows.
Ultrafine Ram meas 16.0mc SD 2.4. CV 14.9 Fleece Cut 11kg.
Grand Champion Ultrafine ram Sydney Royal 2022
Grand Champion Ultrafine ram Sydney Royal 2022
Top price On Property Ram 2024 - $2200
Top price On Property Ram 2024 – $2200

Westvale Achievements 2024


  • August Shorn Ram – Champion


  • Ultrafine Ram – Champion


On Property results $2200 (avg $1005)
Armidale results $8500 (avg $4750)


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Newsletter – December 2023

The old saying “better late than never” does apply right now.

We really don’t know where 2023 has gone but it has certainly flown. Do hope this past year has treated you all very well both personally and business wise and you continue to grow during 2024.

We have had the experience of welcoming in two new employees during 2023. Will and Jen Church started in February and Ben Austin started in October. Neither had had a lot to do with merino sheep but Will had experience with British breeds. Both are learning quickly and we are loving having them […]

By |January 29th, 2024|


Westvale is situated on the top of the Great Dividing Range on the southern end of the Northern Tablelands approximately 50kms south of Armidale.

Rainfall is approximately 800ml/p.a and the watershed runs into the Macleay, Namoi and Gwyder systems. Westvale, settled in 1908 by the Blanch family, takes in over 3000 acres of slightly undulating fine granite country.

Winters are cold (snowy and frosty) with generally good moisture. Summers are hot. Generally dry in February, March but mostly a good all round season. Two thirds of Westvale has been supered for over 50 years, the balance annually over the past 20 years.

Approximately 2/3 of the country has been sown to improved pastures of Clovers, Rye, Phalaris, Fescues and Cocksfoot.

Approximately 6000 merino sheep and 150 Charolais cows with their progeny are pastured.
Leo & Judy Blanch: 334 Westvale Road.

Westvale Property

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