Newsletter – June 2022

Since our last newsletter in December 2021 so much has changed in all our worlds. Some things for the better and some to really test our resolves.

A big change in the Government with a lot of uncertainty. Yes we know some of our ministers but there are many we do not know and our worry is just where they will lead us.

Close to home our work person of 24yrs (Scott Matthews) left our employment in March for new horizons. It will be difficult to replace the knowledge of 24yrs but we know there will be someone out there with  a passion for superfine wool and sheep.

What hasn’t changed are the wet seasons.  Autumn has been a wonderful growing season on the New England but as we write winter has come with a vengeance. We can be so thankful for good warm homes and provide good nourishment for our families.

We hosted the […]