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January 2020

New England Merino Field Days. Saturday 11th. A One (1) day event due to the drought.

February 2020

4th & 5th Armidale Ram Show and Sale.

February 2020

Wed 12th. Westvale  On property RAM SALE. 10AM Inspection. SALE  1pm.

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August 2019

We  feel ashamed that we have not updated our Web Page for so long.

So much has happened during the last 7months but the over riding factor has been the drought.  No one has ever seen seen the New England look worse.  So much of the men’s time is taken up feeding stock and playing draughts trying to work out if there is more feed in one paddock or another. ( and there isn’t)  Like everyone else we have destocked dramatically. We have sold 2/3rd of our breeding cows and are feeding the rest every day as they are calving. We have held onto yearling heifers so that when we get grass we can breed up again.

As for the sheep we are 1500 down with more going as we write this note. We kept some wethers as they are bale fillers but have had to feed them so can’t hold any longer. […]

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